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Made with 100% pure sheep milk and aged a minimum of six months, DANTE has a rich, nutty flavor with a firm and somewhat dry texture. Dante complements pasta, dried fruit and balsamic vinegar as well as medium red wines and semi-sweet white wines.
Made with a blend of sheep milk and cow milk and aged a minimum of six months, MONA develops a very distinctive, mild and pleasant taste with a firm and somewhat moist texture. Mona is served well with sweet, Port wine styles.
A fresh 100% Sheepmilk Cheese with a mild, pleasant flavor. Dante lamb is made from lightly salted Dante curd. It is squeaky and mild when new and ages to form a sharpness similar to a Jack cheese at about 6 months. This cheese is a wonderful addition to vegetable and fruit salads. You can use it in just about any recipe that calls for cheese. Add to cooked rice or tomato-based pastas; use it as a topping for baked potatoes or as a filling for omelets; crumble it over tomato sandwiches; or simply serve it as a table cheese along with olives, bread, grilled vegetables, and salami.

Dante honored at 2006 ,07 and 08 American Cheese Society Awards and in 2009 U.S.
Championship Cheese Contest Mona honored at the 2007,08 and 09
American Cheese Society Awards.
Dante Lamb honored at 2008 American
Cheese Society Conference awards.



Dante, made of pure sheep milk

$19.65 per pound

Mona, made of 50/50 blend of sheep & cow milk

$16.90 per pound


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